Posted June 03, 2020 07:50:38The Tigray Media House in Albu Malikiya, in the capital of the north-east province of Tigray, was the first newsroom to be built in the country.

It has now become the biggest and most influential news agency in the region, with its daily news coverage dominating news sites and social media, and with hundreds of journalists on the ground. 

The Tigry’s staff are mostly from neighbouring provinces of Tigry and Nimr, and many are based in the city of Amara, in neighboring Tazaqeen.

The Tigrys most notable projects were a television station that was launched in 2014 and a mobile phone station launched in 2015.

Both have since been shut down and are in need of funding to be revived.

“We have two newsrooms in Tigray that are doing a lot of work, with an additional one in Alba,” said Nasser Nouri, the chief executive of Tigries regional branch.

“They are doing everything that we ask of them.”

The station, which will be launched in the coming weeks, is set to cover local issues and news on the economy and security.

Nouri said the news agency will be able to expand beyond the Tigry, and will continue to focus on the local and regional issues it covers.

“We want to build up our presence across Tigray,” he said.

Tigry has also launched an online news portal that will allow it to reach a much wider audience.

“It will be a very important hub for the country, to make us know about everything that is happening,” said Alba’s provincial governor, Nasser Nasheed.

The local government, which has about 400,000 residents, is currently struggling with a severe drought, and the country is experiencing its worst drought in 40 years.

The country has been struggling with unemployment for years. 

Tigray has been one of the most deprived areas of the country in terms of poverty, with many people unable to find work in fields and fields that have dried up.

In January, the Tigray government announced that it would be building a new school in a neighbouring province, and in June it announced plans to set up a new water treatment plant in Albaid, a small city of some 200,000 people.

The government says it is targeting unemployment to a large extent, and has recently started to hire more teachers and police officers.

The government has also announced that the province will be given the opportunity to hold a referendum on independence, to decide on whether it should become a full state.

“The people of Tigria have been in the dark, for many years.

We have not been able to achieve our own independence.

But we are now finally able to finally see a change in this country,” said Nimr’s governor, Omar Nasser.

“We are now a country where we are proud of our heritage, and we have the chance to make it proud again,” said Nasheed, who was born in Tigris.

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