When you think of the word “president”, you think President Trump.

He’s the one who signed the massive health care bill and won the election, so he has the power to do all of the things that his predecessors did.

But now, Trump’s got to deal with the health care bills he just signed, the massive tax cuts that are coming his way, and the budget that he wants to spend his honeymoon on.

For some people, the president’s job isn’t getting done.

The country is suffering.

And it’s time to stop focusing on his accomplishments and start focusing on what needs to be done to fix the country’s problems, says Dr. Andrew Kolodny, an economist at the American Enterprise Institute.

“When we talk about President Trump, we’re really talking about a new president,” says Kolodney.

That’s because there’s no clear agenda for what the Trump presidency will look like, even as the country remains stuck in a cycle of uncertainty.

Trump has been unable to get any traction on a range of issues, including healthcare, infrastructure, and national security.

The president has also struggled to get his message out to the American public.

“The Trump presidency is now about the economy and jobs,” says Andrew Cohen, a former White House official and Trump campaign adviser who now runs the New America Foundation think tank.

And the economy has been Trump’s main focus, with his signature deregulation, a repeal of the Affordable Care Act, and massive tax cut plans.

But for a president whose administration has spent the bulk of its time dealing with domestic issues, the economy is a secondary focus.

“What he’s really trying to do is to distract the country from the fact that the economy isn’t working well,” Cohen says.

The Trump administration is currently working to enact a new health care law that critics say will lead to millions of Americans losing coverage.

The administration also is moving forward with tax reform that will have the biggest impact on the middle class.

But as Trump’s approval ratings have declined in recent weeks, many conservatives have begun to worry about his ability to keep the focus on economic issues and focus on foreign policy and national defense.

And on Thursday, Trump signed a controversial order that aims to impose travel restrictions on seven Muslim-majority countries that are considered havens for terrorists.

While some of the measures could have positive impacts on tourism, many critics say they’re an attack on the American way of life.

“I think the president has been able to get some momentum on these issues, but we are not at a point where we are able to talk about national security and national sovereignty,” Cohen said.

In fact, Trump is on track to lose support among Americans.

A poll published this week by the left-leaning Public Policy Polling showed that while 54% of Americans approve of Trump’s job performance, that number has dropped to 42% since October.

The decline in public approval has been driven in large part by the health insurance bills the president signed.

It’s been the second year in a row that Trump’s popularity has dropped, but it’s still up from the year before, when his approval rating fell to 42%.

The president’s unpopularity has come as the economy continues to suffer.

The federal deficit has surged from a low of $5.1 trillion in 2015 to a high of $9.3 trillion in 2016, according to the Congressional Budget Office.

It now stands at $1.9 trillion.

And as Trump and his advisers continue to push the economy, the unemployment rate continues to climb.

In November, it stood at 9.4%, the highest it’s been since the recession officially ended.

The rate has now risen to 9.5% for the year.

While the number of people looking for work has also soared, the labor force participation rate is down slightly, from 63.1% in October to 63.4% in November.

The number of unemployed Americans has also declined from an all-time high of 22.6 million in October, to 20.8 million in November, according the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

It remains to be seen if the drop in jobless is temporary, or if the country is heading into another recession.

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