If you’re a Facebook user or an owner of Google+ or Google+ Photos, you’ve probably seen a warning that your photos could be stolen.

But is this a legitimate concern or a publicity stunt?

Here’s everything you need to know.


Facebook says it has a privacy policy and you can read it Here’s what Facebook has to say about the new privacy policy.

We want to make sure you’re using Facebook to your fullest potential.

We take your privacy seriously.

We’ll continue to improve our policies and procedures to keep you safe.

Read our privacy policy for more information.


Google+ and Google+ photos are now protected by encryption You can now use Google+ to protect your photos by encrypting the content with strong AES encryption.

If your phone has Android 5.0 or higher, you can choose to turn on the encryption option.

To find out more about encryption and to turn it on for your phone, see our article on encryption and your phone.


The new privacy policies also make it harder for hackers to access your data You can read the new Google+ privacy policy here.


Google says you can’t change Google+ passwords without breaking Google’s terms of service If you don’t know how to change Google’s Google+ password, we suggest you don the whole thing.

You can change your Google+ login password at any time.


Google+, Facebook, and Google Plus Photos are now safe to share on Google+ The new Google Plus privacy policy says: We protect the security of the information we collect from you and our affiliates.

We will not share that information with any third party without your consent.

Google and Facebook don’t share your Google or Facebook login credentials with any other company.

Google, Facebook, or Google Plus are all part of the same company, so they share a common codebase and code signing system.


You’re free to share photos on Google Photos without Google’s permission You can share photos and videos on Google photos without Google having to ask you first.

If you share a photo, you’re also free to use it elsewhere without having to request permission.

If Google and your photos are in the same folder, Google and the person who uploaded it can share it together.


You don’t need to ask permission for sharing photos and video with your friends Google’s photos and photos don’t have to be asked for permission to be shared with people.

If they want to share the same image with you, they can.

But, you have to ask.

You also have to make it clear that sharing is for a private, private purpose, and not for commercial purposes.

You should never share your photos or videos with anyone without their explicit permission.


Google’s privacy policy doesn’t include terms of use Google’s Terms of Service doesn’t mention terms of services, but Google has a long-standing policy of not making privacy policies available to the public.

But the Google Privacy Policy is a long one, and includes a clause saying that users can request that the terms of the Google service and privacy policy be made public.

You have to request that that’s made public if you want to use Google services.


Google also says it’s okay to share your information with third parties The new Facebook privacy policy has a few interesting details about how you can share your data with third party service providers.

Google doesn’t say if you can, but it says you’ll be able to share with them if they agree to allow the sharing.


The Google+ photo upload service has a “show privacy” button The Facebook photo upload app now lets you show a “Show privacy” option when uploading photos.

If a person wants to see your photos in their feed, you need the permission to upload them to Google+.

If the person doesn’t want to see the photos, you should be able show them the option in the feed.


Google Photos has a new “show profile” option That’s a way to show the profile of a person you share photos with.

Google has long said that it doesn’t allow users to share their photos with people without their permission.

But now you can show your profile to people.


Google offers a new way to share files with your Android phone Google has added a new feature to Google Photos that lets you share files from your Android smartphone with other people.

You need to set up an account for the feature and have an Android phone.

The feature only works if the file is uploaded to Google+, not to Facebook or Google+.


Google is adding a new privacy setting to Google Maps It’s a new setting that Google Maps will show when you go to a destination in the app, not on the web.

This setting will show whether the app or the web are used.


Google changed its privacy policy, so now it’s harder for users to find information You can see what Google’s policies say

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