The war in Syria has taken its toll on the American public, and many have been left with a growing sense of déjà vu.

A new CNN/ORC poll finds that a majority of Americans believe the United States is engaged in “a war against the people of Syria” — a number that has doubled in just the past few months, and is now the highest of any major country.

The poll also finds that the majority of U.N. members, which include Syria, believe that the U.”s response to the war in the country is a “failure.

“Only a minority of Americans — 36 percent — say the United Kingdom and France are doing their part in the fight against the war, and less than one-third say Russia and China are doing so.

The U.K. and France have also been the most vocal in their support of the U., while Russia has been a more muted voice.

The public perception of U.-S.

involvement in Syria is also a big deal, as Americans are divided on the question of whether the U has made any real progress on ending the civil war, a question that has become increasingly important as the country continues to fall apart and as the Trump administration and congressional Republicans push to pass more sanctions against Russia.”

In the past, people who had a favorable view of the Obama administration had tended to vote for the Republican Party, but the Trump people don’t seem to have changed much,” said John Zogby, a professor at Emory University and a longtime observer of U-S.

The poll finds Americans are increasingly willing to believe that Trump has been slow to do the things he said he would do to help the country. “

What they’re doing, is trying to find a way to make things better, but in a way that does not put American lives at risk.”

The poll finds Americans are increasingly willing to believe that Trump has been slow to do the things he said he would do to help the country.

And they’re more willing to blame the U.’s failure to end the civil conflict on Assad than on any of the other parties.

Only about a quarter of Americans say that, while more than one in 10 say that the Syrian government is responsible for the violence that has been occurring in the Syrian capital.

Still, the poll suggests that even among Americans who see the U.-siding of the Syrian civil war as a major failure, there is a strong preference for the U to make a significant and immediate impact on the conflict in Syria, which could put it in a position to exert influence over the region.

The CNN poll surveyed 1,008 adults online March 6-8, surveying 1,200 U.R.S.-siders, including 916 Republicans, 849 Democrats and 631 independents.

The survey has a margin of error of plus or minus 2.9 percentage points.

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