The Jerusalem District Court has ordered that the security guards and journalists who were arrested for criticizing the Jerusalem Police in the West Bank village of Tzurit have to be released and ordered that they not be transferred to the Central Prison in Jerusalem.

The court ruled on Thursday that the three security guards arrested in the village of Beit Hasharon on November 23 were released and that they will not be charged with any crime.

In the past month, the court has sentenced the three to two years of imprisonment and a fine of 300 shekels ($9).

The court also ordered that two of the journalists who received the same sentence as the security guard who was arrested, and the police officer who arrested them, must also serve the same time.

The decision was also announced on the social media platforms of the court.

The three were detained in the early hours of November 23 for posting on social media that a police officer had assaulted and tortured a Palestinian man.

The video, which was taken by a bystander, went viral and caused outrage among the Palestinian community and within the police force.

The officers who were charged were suspended and the two who were not, were put on administrative leave pending the results of the investigation.

The public prosecutor’s office announced on Thursday the indictment of the three police officers who arrested the three guards.

In addition, the public prosecutor announced that it will also seek the dismissal of the charges against the two journalists who have been released.

The incident in question took place during the clashes between Palestinian protesters and Israeli forces.

The protest turned violent and a police vehicle was burned.

The officer who was in the vehicle has been identified as Shmuel Tshikva, 27, a local resident who was injured in the incident.

The police officer, who was not injured, is a member of the security forces.

Tshikvas arrest has sparked international outrage, with international media and human rights organizations calling for his release.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the incident a “clear and brutal attack on a police station in Jerusalem” and a “serious attack on the freedom of the press in the city.”

The case has also drawn international attention, with the Israeli daily Haaretz calling the incident “another serious attack on freedom of expression and journalism in Israel.”

The court also found that the officers violated their oaths of office by publishing the video and the court ordered that Tshigva be held in custody for six months, which he has been serving since November.

A similar case in the southern city of Ramallah in June also led to the arrests of two Palestinian security guards for violating their oath of office.

On Tuesday, an appeals court upheld the lower court’s ruling that the two officers should be released pending the investigation into the incident, as they have already been detained for two months.

In a statement issued Wednesday, the Justice Ministry said that it is “appalling” that the court was unable to order the release of the officers.

“In light of the seriousness of the violation, the defendants were ordered to serve their jail terms for a period of six months and have their passports seized,” the statement said.

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