Ottawa – In the past, Canadian conservatives have struggled to find a way to win the heart of a Conservative base that’s been largely silent during a wave of populism in the United States.

Now, however, with the country on the cusp of electing its first female prime minister, and a number of other national and regional Conservative parties looking to broaden their appeal, they appear to be on the verge of winning over a new generation of voters who were alienated by the party’s decades-long embrace of the status quo.

In recent months, Conservative leader Andrew Scheer and his caucus have shown signs of making inroads with a group of young Canadians who had been left out of the political conversation during the prime minister’s rule.

A survey released this month by pollster Abacus Data shows that the Conservatives are poised to win 18 per cent of the young vote in the fall, a stunning result in a country where youth voting is historically weak and the party has been struggling to attract young voters in recent years.

But the party is also trying to capitalize on its demographic advantage in order to attract a younger and more diverse cohort of voters.

The Conservatives’ social media strategy is designed to appeal to young Canadians, said Mark Fraser, the director of political communication at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management.

He noted that Conservative candidates have used hashtags like #ConservativeParty and #VoteForTheFuture, with young Canadians using hashtags such as #VoteConservative and #MakeAVote.

And while the party did not mention the hashtag #MakeaVote in its pitch, Conservative candidates and supporters in recent weeks have made clear that their campaign is focused on attracting younger voters.

In a new advertising spot, Conservative candidate and former immigration minister Peter Van Loan takes the stage to talk about the benefits of a new citizenship program.

It features a clip from a new TV ad that features an older, white, male immigrant with a white beard and white shirt in a small, windowless room.

Van Loan says the program would help those who come to Canada “be a part of Canadian society.”

He then goes on to highlight a line from a letter from one of his fellow Canadians, a young woman who is wearing a turban and wearing a hijab.

The woman in the ad asks, “Canadians can be proud of our country, and our culture.

But can we be proud to have an immigrant who looks like me, who speaks the language, who is proud to be Canadian, proud to love our country?”

Van Loan replies: “I think so.”

As he addresses young voters, Van Loan uses a video from the CBC News program This Hour Has 22 Minutes to showcase the benefits and pitfalls of a citizenship program for newcomers.

He then asks young people, “Do you think we are going to take the right steps to make sure that people who are immigrants don’t feel excluded?”

The ad ends with Van Loan asking young Canadians to “tell your story.”

The segment ends with a young man standing up and saying, “It’s time to make a change.”

On the same day that the ad was aired, Conservative party leader Andrew Harper also addressed a packed House of Commons and a standing ovation from the chamber.

“I have a lot of friends who are Canadian citizens, who are working hard every day to make this country great,” Harper said.

“And I want to ask them, can you come here and be part of Canada?

Can you come to this country, work hard, contribute, and be proud, as Canadians, to have your kids grow up in a community where there is respect, where people don’t discriminate.”

This story is part of CBC’s special project “Can’t Be Tamed,” a series exploring Canada’s politics and culture through interactive storytelling.

The series explores politics, history, technology and the changing faces of Canada.

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