is no longer paying for social media., which launched on Monday, has been suspended by its parent company Facebook for violating a policy on “malicious acts” against Facebook users.

In a statement, Facebook said the suspension is “part of a broader approach” to improve the safety of users.

The company did not name the companies or the people behind the Facebook suspensions, citing the “disclosing nature of the issues.”

The policy states that a company can suspend an account if it is used to promote malicious or illegal content, violates the company’s Community Standards, or violates the user’s privacy.

“We recognize that this is a very complex issue that requires extensive engagement, so we’ve decided to suspend our program to allow Facebook to develop new tools and processes that are best suited for protecting the safety and security of our users,” Facebook said in a statement.

The statement said Facebook was “reviewing its policies and practices” in the wake of the investigation.

Facebook said it had already removed some content related to the incident, but added it was still looking into whether the content had been shared by others.

The suspension comes just weeks after a similar suspension, and after the company revealed that it was cracking down on “fake news” and “unwelcome content” that had been spreading online.

Facebook also announced last month that it had launched a crackdown on fake news sites, a move that drew criticism from some in the tech industry who said it amounted to censorship.

The tech giant is now rolling out more tools to help its users detect and remove “fake” news, but some experts have questioned whether the company is using the new tools effectively.

Twitter announced in March that it would take down content deemed “spammy,” and the company has also banned accounts that promote hate speech.

Google said in June that it will suspend “unlawful content” on its platforms.

Facebook’s announcement comes on the heels of reports that the social network had suspended accounts linked to Islamic State militants after its CEO Mark Zuckerberg told lawmakers that he would not allow the social media giant to pay a bounty to terrorists who carried out attacks on U.S. soil.

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