Posted January 02, 2018 05:50:00This is one of the most important topics for me.

When I am asked, “What’s the most challenging thing about reporting the news?” the answer is usually “The media is bad”.

When I ask, “How do you do it better?” the reply usually is “Have a better editor, better technology, have better equipment, and hire better people”.

These are my answers.

The media, however, is a powerful and pervasive force that can only be defeated by a few things.

First, you have to take back control.

You cannot ignore the media.

If you ignore it, you will be complicit in the problem.

I am referring to the media as the enemy.

You have to be willing to fight it and take back the media’s role as the gatekeeper of information.

Second, you must be more inclusive.

I know that sounds silly, but this is a war.

We are all part of the fight.

So, it is important to have an inclusive and fair media.

And we must accept that we do not all share the same values.

Third, you need to change your culture.

Media is not just a problem for the mainstream media.

The same goes for any other group that is not an organized group.

We need to find a way to work together in the public square, but it will take time.

Fourth, you also need to be more willing to work with the rest, which means that the public must also take back power.

You are in a war when the public is losing.

The media can be a useful tool for helping the public in the war.

You can do this by not reporting on any stories that are damaging to the political process, and by not ignoring important stories that people want to see covered.

If we do this, you can help the public understand how the system works.

Fifth, you should make a conscious decision to not be part of any system that makes you a target.

You should be a part of a system that works for all.

In the United States, we are at war with the media and a media that is working against the public.

This is an enormous problem.

It is a national emergency.

The American people are being killed in the streets every day by the media, and yet there is no media to blame.

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