The next big deal in mobile is probably the ad in the reader, according to Advertiser Insights’ Chief Economist.

In his latest research, Prof. James Coughlan looked at mobile advertising’s market share and found that publishers are looking for new, mobile-optimised ad formats to take their business to the next level.

Prof. Coughlin says publishers are now focusing on the “smart reader” and the new ad formats such as Adblock Plus, which use JavaScript to disable ads while reading, and the AdSense “Smart Read” system, which automatically adds a small, text-based tag to the top of the reader that says “read”.

He also looked at the mobile advertising market share of publishers.

Prof Coughlans findings are based on data collected from more than 2,200 advertisers from over 20 countries.

Profs Coughlaan and Mihaela Zilberska from the German Academy of Sciences think that the growing popularity of mobile advertising will result in an overall increase in the number of mobile ads.

They suggest that the mobile industry is in a unique position to see an increase in its ad revenue because it is currently the only industry that is making money on mobile advertising.

In fact, the industry is also able to offer an effective way for publishers to reduce their mobile advertising costs because the ad formats are more user-friendly.

Prof Zilberzas research also found that the industry has a high market share, and this is due to its use of technology.

It’s not just the mobile reader that’s getting in on the action.

Advertisors are increasingly looking for smart reader technology to take the reader experience to the digital frontier.

The research also showed that the adoption of smart reader technologies will be a major driver of the growth of the mobile ad market in the next 5 years.

Prof James Croughlan from the University of Cambridge said that it’s important to understand the key elements of a reader.

The reader is an intelligent interface that displays text that’s designed to read in a way that’s easy for users to read.

For instance, a smart reader would display a large picture or a short text message, such as a greeting, with text that has a specific meaning.

Prof Kari Härts from the Institute of Computer Science in Gothenburg said that the smart reader is one of the key features that make the reader user-focused.

This makes it possible to display content in a more user friendly way, with a lower number of clicks and fewer distractions.

Prof Härsson also added that readers also offer a user-interface that is user-responsive, which is a major feature in a reader that is designed to interact with a user’s body and hand.

For example, the reader is designed so that the user can scroll the page and read on a touchscreen without having to touch a screen.

The readers design also makes it easier to navigate the interface because the reader can be turned on or off as the user needs.

The study also found a clear correlation between the number and the popularity of the readers and mobile advertising, indicating that publishers want to see more readers in their ads.

“We can see that publishers like the Smart Reader because they can read and understand their ads better.

So they are trying to increase the user’s experience with their ads, and thus increase their revenues,” said Prof Croughlin.

“But publishers are also looking for a smart readership because of their market share.”

For example in 2016, the AdWords market was valued at $4.1 billion, and that is an increase of 8% on the year, according the research.

Prof John Coughlahan also believes that publishers will see an increased growth in mobile ad revenues in the future.

“Mobile publishers will have a competitive advantage over traditional print publishers because they have the ability to reach users in a variety of formats, which will allow them to sell more digital products,” he said.

“This is a trend that will continue to grow over the next five years as mobile advertisers continue to innovate and develop more effective ways of reaching consumers.”

Mobile ad growth is predicted to reach $15 billion by 2020, which represents a 37% increase from the previous year.

AdblockPlus, which has seen a rapid growth over the past year, will have to increase its ad rates if it wants to compete in this rapidly growing space.

The platform offers a free trial that allows users to opt in for the free service, which provides access to a wide range of features including ad blockers, payment protection, and support.

AdBlockPlus currently offers a range of mobile ad formats that allow users to manage the ad blockers they use and also display ads in their native browser.

It also allows publishers to opt out of certain ad blocking technologies and can use their own ad blockers.

The company says that its users are the best customers of its ad technology and the most loyal of its advertisers.

Adblocking technology allows publishers such as Amazon, eBay,

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