An Australian woman is using her social media skills to restore a crooked newsroom.

The ABC’s senior news editor, Peter Ryan, spoke to the woman, Sarah Smith, after the ABC reported she had successfully repaired a crooked News Corp newsroom in Brisbane.

Ms Smith told the ABC that her story was different to other News Corp stories she had seen before, saying she had been told by an unnamed executive at the company that News Corp would be taking on the responsibility of managing her story.

“It was very reassuring,” Ms Smith said.

“We got told that, ‘it’s your story, it’s our story.

It’s up to you to manage it yourself, but we’ve been told that this is your responsibility.'”

The ABC spoke to a number of other former employees and employees of News Corp media outlets who had similar stories to Ms Smith’s.

In fact, Ms Smith has worked for News Corp News Corp. for 12 years.

She is currently working on a new story for the ABC News, which has a different title.

“I’m doing a new piece that’s called ‘coronavirus’, which is a bit of a challenge for me because it’s a different story,” she said.

“I’ve got to find a way to fix the whole thing.”

Mr Ryan said he was also concerned that News Corporation was not taking Ms Smith up on her offer.

“When they were offering me a job, they said they were willing to take on a story and they weren’t willing to do it themselves,” he said.

But Ms Smith says that wasn’t the case, and that she was offered the job because her story would be good for the company.

“There’s a lot of good stories out there, but I’m doing something a bit different,” she told the Australian.

“What I’m offering is a chance to help the ABC continue to get good stories in front of people.”

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