A new calendar is the latest salvo in a campaign to make the calendar look better, with a number of different new features.

The Conservative government is keen to push the new design for the 2016-17 academic year.

It says it is “trying to deliver on what Canadians want, and we are excited about this new calendar.”

The calendar is available online and through a mobile app.

In a recent news release, the Conservative government said it was working with partners across the province to “improve the look of our calendar.”

The new calendar features include:• A new title for the calendar: “Social Media Calendar.”• New dates: the spring, summer and fall academic years, and the spring term of 2019.• New labels for each month: “Summer,” “Winter,” “Spring” and “Autumn.”• More time devoted to the calendar than the previous calendar.• More space for events.• “Weekly Highlights” section that shows the calendar for each week, including the most popular and most notable events in each week.

The new “Social Calendar” section on the calendar will have links to more information.

The government said the calendar is a collaboration between the Government of Canada and the Province of Ontario.

The provincial government is the agency that creates and distributes the calendar.

Conservatives have long said they wanted a calendar that is more appealing to Canadians and that the calendar has a focus on social media, with more detail on events, and a higher priority for academic work.

However, many experts say the Conservatives have been too busy to do much to promote the calendar, which they say they would prefer if the government focused more on the arts and humanities.

A new “Calendar of the Week” features stories and photos about topics in the calendar including:• the year’s biggest headlines, with headlines for each day, a new section called “Weekends” where news about the week is shared• the top stories of the week, with the most tweeted and retweeted• the latest trending topics and trending topics across the day• “The Next Top Trending Topics” on a topic in the list of trending topics• the “Best of” section for stories and images about topics that are “new to the headlines”The new calendars are available online in English and French.

The calendar is set to debut in 2019, and will be available in stores and through the app.

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