On May 1, 2016, Facebook announced a $50 million deal with Yahoo!

Inc., the parent company of Yahoo!, to build a social media platform for advertisers.

The company then went on to build an advertising platform that could be used by dozens of media companies.

Facebook has also built an advertising system for Google, Microsoft, Twitter and other companies.

But the company’s recent acquisition of social media startup Buffer and the announcement of its $10 billion investment in YC’s Snapchat have left many wondering if Facebook’s social media ambitions are just another round of bets on social media and how it could play an outsized role in the future of media.

Here are five ways to plan for a successful social media marketing campaign.


Create Your Own Content Platform For Your Social Network The first step in your social media strategy should be creating your own content platform for your business.

This could be a social sharing app or a content aggregator like Buzzfeed.

The content platform could be set up to be shared by Facebook and other platforms, or it could be built by a company that has a social network in place.


Find a Brand of Content to Build Your Own Social Network Using social media platforms like BuzzFeed and Twitter, you could find a company or company partner who shares content that you and your business might be interested in. 3.

Set Up Your Content Platform to Support Your Business As your business grows, your content platform becomes a vital part of the way you engage with your audience.

To be effective, you need to make sure your platform is accessible to your business and that your content is shared to as many people as possible.


Target Your Facebook Audience with Ad Campaigns Facebook ads are a common way to reach your audience and you can use the same strategy with your own social media campaigns.

You can either target specific audiences with specific ads or target audiences across your social network, according to a Facebook advertising strategist.


Target Advertisers Using a Facebook Auditing Tool, You can see how much money your ads have made or how many people have clicked on your ad.

You should also take into account your competitors.

These strategies will help you create a network that is both profitable and useful to your users.

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