When it comes to how to get women to date you, it’s a lot more complicated than you might think. 

Here are the best tips and tricks for getting women to like you more.1.

Get your hair and makeup done right: There’s a pretty good chance you’re the only one in the room who doesn’t know this. 

You’re the one wearing a dress. 

And while you might have a pretty flawless face, if you’re wearing a lot of makeup it’s going to look weird. 

The key to getting your looks to match is to be consistent, but you also want to take time to take care of your skin. 

Here are the basics:1. 

Cleanse: You want to wash your face with a face wash, preferably with a cleansing serum like Moisture and Conditioning Creme or Clean Skin Gel. 

If you’re not a fan of the cleansers on sale, consider trying Lipstick Perfection for $16.95 on Amazon. 


Avoid blemishes: While you’re trying to be professional, avoid using a product that is likely to cause blemish. 

I’ve personally tried many blemishing-prone cleansers that can make your skin look greasy, so I’d avoid using any that cause blems. 


Don’t wear your makeup: When you’re applying makeup, make sure you’re keeping your eyes closed and keeping your hands in a neutral position. 

Try to wear your face and your hair in the same spot, avoiding eye contact and looking as neutral as possible. 


Look good: I know, I know: People hate to admit they have a perfect face, and people are probably not going to agree with you, but people like to have their pictures taken with them and it’s good to show them your perfect face. 

So if you have a picture of yourself in your wedding dress or a portrait of you in your bedroom, it will definitely help the rest of the world know that you’re beautiful. 

5. Have fun: Try your best to smile while wearing makeup, but if you can’t, at least have fun with it. 6. 

Play a game of hide-and-seek: If possible, avoid going into a room where there are other people and hiding. 

In other words, you don’t want to be in someone’s room when they’re not there. 


Be comfortable: Make sure you don to put on a mask if you get a cold or if you feel a bit sweaty. 


Get a hair mask: A hair mask is a great way to stay warm in the winter or to stop the itchiness from going away. 


Shampoo and condition your face: For men, it can be tricky to find the right shampoo and conditioner for you. 

There are some products out there that are great for a man, like Wetsuit and Shampoo. 

But if you are a lady, you can look for products that are better for your hair or makeup. 


Bring a scarf: Shopping for a scarf is super fun! 

For a little extra fun, make a pattern from the photos you took of yourself, and try to find something that looks like a scarf. 


Drink water: It’s hard to go wrong with a cup of hot water, and you can also use it as a way to relax after a long day. 


Wear a scarf to bed: Women often complain that their hair is too long, and it seems like a big deal to wear a scarf when you can just lay it down on a pillow or on the floor. 

Women’s hair is also known for being very wavy, so having a scarf that fits your shape can help you maintain your shape. 


Give a shout-out to your parents: Having a scarf on you is one of the best ways to show your parents you love them. 


Take a selfie: Take pictures of yourself with your scarf in place and post them on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. 


Do your own makeup:When it comes time to pick up your hair, make it look as natural as possible, and don’t overdo it with any product. 


Turn on the lights: Lighting is a must in a room full of people, so it’s important to have a few lights to give your skin a bit of glow. 


Make it a point to be positive: Don’s always been good with his appearance and the more positive he was, the more attractive he seemed. 

He always seemed happy when he was wearing the outfit and always seemed to smile when he walked into a bar.

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