Politics is a business, and candidates who are successful are often more than just good public policy, as long as they can win the nomination.

A good candidate’s name recognition, in particular, can help them get a nomination.

But a good candidate also has to be able to talk about their campaign, and that’s something a lot of the major GOP candidates lack.

And that’s where the media kit comes in.

A new media kit from the RNC is designed to help candidates who want to run effectively but also are running for office.

The kit is a digital version of the party’s primary communications playbook.

It will include “candidate videos, ads, field staff, voter contacts, and more,” and it’s aimed at all Republican candidates running for statewide office in the 2016 cycle, according to the RNC.

“With this new kit, we are going to empower our candidates to reach a wider and more engaged audience with the best information and information for the upcoming election,” RNC Chair Reince Priebus said in a statement.

“The campaign is our next phase, and this kit is the next step.”

The RNC is running the campaign kit on the party website, and it will also be available through the party press shop.

Candidates are also getting access to the tool through the RNC’s media director, Brad Dayspring, who also runs the RNC TV campaign.

Candidates will be able tap into a new data platform that will track their fundraising, voter registration, and voter engagement.

It’s called the CREDO digital platform, and is being built by The Washington Post, the Washington Post Digital Agency, and others.

The RNC has been working with the CRedO digital team to bring this new tool to the party.

In addition to offering campaign information and a data platform, the RNC also plans to roll out “an interactive tool for all campaigns, allowing voters to view candidate videos, photos, and data about their campaigns,” according to a news release.

The RNC has also been pushing back on reports that it’s taking a hard line on Trump and other candidates.

On Friday, the committee issued a statement saying that it believes “it is important that candidates understand the impact of their policies and candidates’ positions on our nation.”

But Priebus said that he doesn’t believe that it will be “appropriate” to have a “narrow-minded and partisan approach to campaigns.”

“As a party, we should be focused on our core mission and what we are trying to accomplish in this election cycle,” Priebus said.

“I don’t believe the party should be the last to decide who runs for president, and I don’t think it should have a narrow-minded approach to candidates.”Read more

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