The Nintendo Switch was a big success in the West in 2016, and Nintendo is happy to confirm that the system was the best-selling console in the world last year.

But that’s not enough for the company, and they’ve decided to roll out a new system that is even better than it was.

In a new update, Nintendo announced a new console called the Nintendo NX, which it says will be the world’s first “full-fledged console that delivers superior gaming experiences with all the bells and whistles of a true gaming console.”

That’s right, the NX is an upgrade from the current generation of consoles, which were the PS4, Xbox Scorpio, and Xbox One.

And it is one of the best consoles we’ve ever reviewed, according to Nintendo, because it’s the first console to take full advantage of its powerful GPU, with the best graphics and audio in the industry.

The new console will feature two major components: an HDMI port, which supports the latest 4K HDR video, and a new DualShock 4 controller, which will be integrated into the console itself.

The DualShock 5 will also be integrated in the console, as will a new motion controller.

It’ll also feature a new display called NX-shaped, and will sport a 1080p OLED display with an RGB backlight, a feature we’ve never seen on a Nintendo console before.

That’s a big improvement over the current model, which is currently limited to 720p HD and 1080p HDR.

The new Nintendo NX will be able to display 4K and HDR content at up to 1080p resolution, but you won’t be able play games on it with HDR enabled, unless you have a 4K TV.

That means that HDR is now the default in your home theater system.

You can also expect a new menu system to be a thing in the NX, allowing you to customize your games and TV shows, as well as a new home screen interface.

The biggest difference between the old and new consoles is that Nintendo says it will no longer use proprietary hardware from Sony, and instead use its own chips.

The Switch is the first Nintendo console to feature a custom chip that’s used for graphics and other systems, rather than proprietary chips from a company like Qualcomm.

Nintendo’s decision to use a custom-designed chip is a big step forward for the gaming industry.

AMD has made huge strides in gaming performance over the past year, thanks to their own Polaris architecture, and Nvidia has also introduced new chips that offer a lot of improvements over the last year, and are much better suited for the VR market.

Nintendo’s new chip is designed to be more efficient than any other gaming chip in existence, and it’s going to be able produce higher-than-average performance in a range of games, including Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

It’s also worth noting that Nintendo is going to offer the new NX with a new color palette and the new TV interface.

The company said in its press release that the NX will feature a range, including “an incredible array of games and entertainment content.”

While the Switch and NX will use the same processor and graphics architecture, the differences between the two systems are minimal.

Nintendo says that the Nintendo 64 and NES have been re-imagined, and that they are better equipped for VR and other VR-related applications, so it’s not clear whether the NX can run those games on a PC or the PlayStation VR.

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