Here are some of the top social media stories from the week in which you need to know more about the news.1.

Trump fires FBI director, Rosenstein appointed as new attorney general: The president fired FBI director James Comey in an effort to remove the investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

But Rosenstein appointed former acting Attorney General Sally Yates to replace Comey as acting attorney general, after the acting attorneygeneral refused to recuse himself.

Trump’s tweet praising Yates as a “good man” and “wonderful person” was a clear indication of the president’s support for Yates.2.

Former Trump advisor Roger Stone is on the cover of Vanity Fair, a Vanity Fair article confirms.

Stone, who worked for Trump from 2001 to 2007, is a well-known Trump supporter.

He is known for his conspiracy theories about former President Obama and former Vice President Joe Biden.3.

Mueller’s team is digging into Trump’s former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, for money laundering.

Mueller has been digging into Manafort for months.

He has also been working on a criminal investigation of former Trump national security advisor Michael Flynn for money.4.

Former White House aide Omarosa Manigault will be on The View as part of the “America First” special, Fox News reports.

Manigaults social media history is long.

She was the president of the National Council of La Raza, a national Hispanic advocacy organization.5.

A former top Trump adviser who was fired in January is suing the Trump administration for racial discrimination and retaliation.

This is the second case involving former Trump adviser Omarosa M. Manigs lawsuit, which she filed in July.6.

In a move that would shock many Americans, the White House announced it would be suspending the annual Thanksgiving Day White House Easter Egg Roll, a tradition that dates back to 1859.

The White House says it will replace the Easter Egg roll with a “special Easter” event this year.7.

A federal judge has denied a request from Trump to dismiss a lawsuit against him, but his legal team said the president would continue to pursue the lawsuit.8.

A New York state judge has dismissed a lawsuit by a New York man who said he was fired for being a “white supremacist.”

The man, Jeffrey M. Shuster, sued the Trump Administration for discrimination and fired after he complained about how his supervisors treated him.9.

In an effort not to overshadow the Supreme Court’s ruling on same-sex marriage, Trump said he is “totally committed to the traditional definition of marriage” during his press conference on Tuesday.

Trump added, “I have great respect for Judge Brett Kavanaugh.”10.

A White House official said the Trump team has no plans to change the presidents Twitter handle, @realDonaldTrump.

That is not a change from the way he uses Twitter since he announced his candidacy in May.11.

The Supreme Court announced on Monday that it will hear arguments in the case of an Oregon man who sued the state for refusing to recognize his marriage to his same-gender partner.

The case will focus on whether Oregon is required to recognize a same- sex marriage that is validly performed by a person who is not the spouse of a member of the opposite sex.12.

The House Judiciary Committee will hold a hearing Tuesday on the Trump Justice Department’s civil rights record.

Republicans are expected to unveil their own civil rights proposals on Tuesday that would further limit the power of the Trump DOJ.13.

The Senate Judiciary Committee is expected to hold a public hearing Tuesday to discuss the Trump’s Justice Department and the Trump Foundation.14.

The Department of Justice will hold its first day of public hearings on the president.

Trump is expected at the hearing, but not to answer questions directly.15.

The Federal Communications Commission is expected on Tuesday to release a report on the Federal Communications Act.

This report will examine whether Trump administration rules could have led to widespread and disproportionate broadband and Internet service monopolies.16.

The U.S. Senate will hold an all-day hearing Tuesday.

It is the first hearing on Trump’s Supreme Court nomination hearing.17.

The New York City Police Department is investigating a tweet by Trump that referred to a federal judge as a Mexican “son of a bitch” who is “looking at me like I’m going to die.”

The tweet was shared thousands of times.18.

The Justice Department will hold hearings on a former White House chief of staff, David Bossie, on Tuesday in the first public hearing on the Russia investigation.19.

The United States is expected Monday to release its first public report on how it will fund its new border wall, which is being built along the U.

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