POLITICO Magazine — The median of media bias charts is a way to measure the relative importance of certain media stories.

The chart is a good measure of how much influence a story has on people.

The median shows the number of times a story is mentioned, and the percentage of mentions of a particular story is the number the story has received.

But it’s not perfect.

The plot may not be as straightforward as the average, and it doesn’t measure the absolute impact of a story.

For example, a story about a school shooting might have more than one mention, and a story that mentions police brutality might not.

A story about how an NFL player is being bullied could be more than three mentions.

But the median shows how much of a role the story is playing.

A bad story might only get mentioned once, while a good story might get mentioned about every 10 mentions.

Media bias is a powerful tool, but it’s also a little confusing.

We’re not talking about the absolute power of a specific story here.

Rather, it’s the number (or, more accurately, the average) of mentions for a story relative to the overall media coverage of that story.

It’s also the number or percentage of times that story is discussed.

In this case, the median number of mentions in the chart above is 4.5.

That’s not bad.

A 4.50 is good, but a 4.0 is not.

That means that the median for the story mentioned on the chart is 4 times more than the median discussion of the story, or 4.25 times the average.

That might seem like a lot, but we’re only looking at the number that’s mentioned for a given story.

The story’s average is often much more important than the number mentioned, because a lot of news stories get mentioned.

For instance, a major story on a presidential race will get a lot more coverage than a minor story on the economy.

And if you know that the story on this story has more than 1,000 mentions, you can tell how much impact that story has.

But if you don’t know that much about the story itself, you might miss the fact that the number is far lower than 4.00.

For the story about an NFL football player being bullied, the media bias is 1.5 times the story’s median.

And for the report about an Ohio high school shooting, the bias is 8 times the median.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that there are more stories that get mentioned than there are people who get killed, and that’s because of media coverage.

Media coverage is not the only thing that influences the number a story gets mentioned.

The news also has a direct effect on the amount of money a story makes.

The more mentions a story receives, the more money that story makes, even if it doesn.

A study from 2014 found that the average media bias story made about $7.7 million.

This makes sense, because it’s a big number.

The study found that stories about athletes and political figures made up the vast majority of the news that went into the charts.

The researchers were looking at media bias for a number of reasons.

First, it gives us a look at how much money media coverage makes for a particular source.

A small story, for instance, might make up only a quarter of a single source’s revenue.

But a big story, like a major national story, could be the main reason a story made money.

Media biases are also an indicator of the number and power of stories that are being covered, since the more stories a story was mentioned, the bigger the influence the story had on the story.

This is especially important for stories that aren’t as popular as they might be, because the more that a story resonates with people, the less likely that a large number of people will talk about it.

Another reason that media bias helps us figure out how much a story’s influence on the public is greater than its media coverage is because it shows how often stories are discussed, which helps us understand how much coverage a story received.

For each story mentioned, there’s a median number and percentage of people who mentioned it, but not how many times that particular story was discussed.

If you want to know how often a story went viral, or how often people shared it on Facebook, you have to look at the median and percent of the total mentions of the piece.

In the chart below, the black dots show the median mentions for the stories mentioned.

Each dot is the median (or median) number of total mentions.

The blue dots are the median percentage of the average number of number of references and views.

The red dots are a weighted average of the two numbers.

In other words, the blue dots indicate how often the story was talked about and the red dots indicate the average time people were talking about and seeing it.

In that same graph, the yellow dots show how often that same story was shared. That

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