MTV News asked readers what they knew about the basics of media literacy in 2017, and here’s what they said.1.

You’re more likely to get a job if you know your job title.

A new study found that job title is a key factor in hiring decisions.

The study, which looked at more than 1,400 applicants from more than 100 industries, found that those who were given the right job title were nearly three times more likely than those who did not to land a job.2.

Media literacy doesn’t necessarily mean knowing everything you need to know about the media.

A 2016 study by the University of Michigan found that it takes at least five months of education before students know all the news that’s currently happening.3.

You don’t have to know everything you can about your own field to get hired.

“A large part of the reason you’re not getting a job in your field is because of your lack of knowledge of it,” said Kelly Jaffe, an associate professor of communication and media studies at the University at Albany.4.

You need to work with other people who are similarly situated in your industry.

This isn’t to say that you can’t learn something from others.

“The fact that people with different perspectives can learn from each other and see what’s going on, that’s what it’s all about,” said Jaffe.5.

You have to be willing to be flexible with your job.

“One of the things that I’ve noticed is that people have a much better understanding of their job, and that’s because they’re able to take on different roles,” said David Kroll, a media and media-related researcher at the New York University Stern School of Business.6.

Your job title matters.

When asked about their top five job titles for 2017, the study found people with the same title were almost three times as likely to be hired as those who had different titles.7.

Media education is still important.

Jaffe said it’s not enough to have an in-depth knowledge of media.

“I think the real goal is to have a broader range of skills and understandings,” she said.8.

There’s a lack of research on what media literacy means to people who work in media.

One study published in 2015 found that the majority of employers surveyed didn’t believe that they were doing enough to teach media literacy.

Jaskowski said that’s a mistake.

“There’s a lot of value that we have in having media literacy training, and I think we should have some training,” she added.9.

You should know how to handle media that’s not relevant to your career.

“We need to think about how to engage with the media and how to interact with the community that is using the media,” said Kroll.

“That’s the most important thing to do.”10.

You can be a media literacy hero.

“If you have a story that resonates with people, that resonated with your audience, then you can be part of that community,” said Tasha Stiles, a communications professor at the City University of New York.

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