A U.S. military veteran is accused of sharing information with the Russian military and its allies about an ongoing intelligence-sharing program.

In a letter to the Department of Defense, Sgt. Mark Zito, a former U.K. Army infantry officer and special operations officer, said he was the source of information from a Russian intelligence agency and that he did not want the information shared with anyone.

Zito said he provided the information to the Russian Defense Ministry and was later transferred to a U.N. facility in St. Petersburg.

He is being prosecuted by a U,N.

tribunal in the Hague.

“I did nothing wrong and I don’t know what the Russians are up to, but I am the only person who has been targeted by them,” Zito wrote in the letter, obtained by ABC News.

Zitto is one of more than 300 former and current military personnel who were arrested by Russian intelligence in a massive raid on their homes in late March, including U.KS.


Col. John D’Agostino, who was arrested at his home in England and held in Russia for nearly a year, told ABC News that he was a source of intelligence that helped the U.k. counter Russian disinformation and counter U.s. efforts to interfere in the 2016 election.

The Russian Defense Minister’s Office has denied that the Russian intelligence services were involved in the raids, which targeted hundreds of people in St Petersburg.

“Russia is not the enemy,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Dmitri Peskov told ABCNews.

Zito also said that he had no information about Russian military actions or their plans to disrupt NATO and the U.,S. “

We have not made any information about our military operations or our military infrastructure available to anyone, but our military and intelligence activities are carried out in accordance with the law.”

Zito also said that he had no information about Russian military actions or their plans to disrupt NATO and the U.,S.


Zato said he received information about a joint U.n. operation to counter a “rogue” Russian military operation in Syria in December.

“The information I provided was very useful to the joint operation and to the U,S.

and to our allies in the region,” he wrote.

“It helped to inform the operation’s success, and I was a key part of that operation.”

Zitto said he didn’t want to hurt anyone and was not concerned about his privacy.

“My life was at stake.

I had a mission, and so were all of my colleagues,” he said.

“And that mission is to protect the world from any aggression and the threat of aggression.”

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